Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Hot Bacon! Trims!

Hot as gammon and better Hot as Russian rushing hot loving cross the music of the sphere. And the busttop and bust stop her long nosemouth. Double up to breastloving its careworn purse. Is this love's gaudy? She says yes around t he . Wrinkling her nose and love knows no race. She's not sure. But better she's sure her pipe is nomamapapadeterioration though parents have their place. Apparent parent appearance is the love of the surface of becoming's . Brother and sister black babysister .yet if she wore her lovers. like. something else. which a maniac in a restaurant muttering. What hellhole her breasts . Dozened to belong to a past a fugitive future. How does it go ~ ?

Its along the bank of the Seine. She's rafting over . Victrola Victoria the lover of men and women . Sneak a peekpreview   ~  View is this love? Or care's mightyMatterhorn? Matter Horn! are you nuts she say. Say she composed her past presenting her lovers As. Boxes of illegitimate jealous lovers. That way she gets a hard on. Bu t the weary days do not cry for tears. But hardy buttoned lovers unbanking themselves.