Friday, August 26, 2011

Reason to know and grapes as such

__ Jill has every reason to believe she's alive and married with a son in Ireland. Has she been back? to the coast and the continent? No , Ireland's held her sway. She's not been back to see the professor . Nor the grand scholars of the school, nor the doctors of , nor the doctors. People always lawfully look better througha  window. She's a historical nut living with a screw for each passage of time, and a dime a dozen for her baked charms and chemistry. Her story? what a tale of trauma and glancing back to back she's a buttock to her true cold.  If she's ever had enough you'd be the first to know, and the last to leave. Cleaving. Her sonnet, her mack coat, her topsyturvy skirt, hoop, and dress. Does this foresee a comma, a command a chinese lover ? in a box of tools. No sentence knows the way she feels. Shes hussy to her own, her very own mountain top. And steals to eat, eats to steal. Prays for forest and tenderloin. Tender lion to the allgogomighty her prescient prayer to seeping selves. A woman named D thanked her another named Linda left. Linda's a professor with her eyes on backwards appearing more womanly established as the years go and she's charmed by god. And she's this that and theravada too. In the fascist dictatorship of the territories she's . Yes. Well, someone has died to be born in Parliament. If there's imminence she's gained her place, ground to the unground of being and the courage to become ugly women. Misshapen as the hollering dust. Her halogen dust. Not the marrying type, but a type anyhow to the governing crew. Not the widow's taste for sure, abut three to butt her place in the beast with threeback~s .

_______So it comes to the gambol and becomings of its ever truer instant    ~.

For now and anon  .