Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Jill's August

jill was a barn girl brand exchanger exchequer to the good bad and evil of her desire beyond fans and lighting she'sa worn out harlot dippin her foot in the capitalist stew

she loved the chinese woman her tears her slightly swelled
small breasts and thought of her warmth hot
to the inside of her self and tears to her loving love

lobbing bobbing and robbed by love's . something something something. and the lost punster the giraffe
flag of her euphonic . her self 's the wolf word, the misplaced Russian.
The rebels had to retreat' the war was winding down . she runs with Homer's Hector. Halting the. Her buttocks smooth as the butterd night, moon melting her moony? she swarmed her burning eyes.
Saying to her you're here with us we love.
And love its . She grits her jaw her teeth lover lust.

Now the  exmplary~enemy army 'spreads out' and soon. She's worn to her naked garters. Fuck this. Read me ontological lover. She has her name on his thigh. Okay read the logicals of her . Her tongue tits. She's held by the other held back helding holding her back and the showers rain around her head. She's clipped at the date, have a good afternoon. And her blonde pants. Walked off. She's sunset road. and I have no one to hide ~ it to her yer plateau of selving   ~ others and her banns! she'a rooster of love and the four tides of the wind  ~.