Friday, September 16, 2011

Jill who's not been ....

Jack, who hasnt been around in a while and, who was the
editor of 'L'Antioedipe' vaguely recalled a photo in a hotel. Near
a lake where the sun beat down and crickers gave no funding and
no relief when the river ran hailed a well hail lady to her panties down around her ankles~ she
's rusted and rued in her deceit a. failed translator! a jealous pumpkin! afraif of her owned paranoiac sincere desires
to be a delirious .

something . and Jill tripping over hand. and ripped her paper, and rubbed the pleat. Pleased by overcoming and loving. and this way the kisses was tripled in their quadruple becoming.
More anon good book and bestest grammar of my bawdy love. She has wended her way to September serpentine and rivers rush by the side.

and what is this resounding variation over the tune  of love's body and memory.