Friday, September 30, 2011


            Jill's votary was  a dog, a votive notation on the 'crumble' of time. She's crumbled and crumpet!trumpet!  What is that way she speaks leaving the cake to the nodders .  Someone holding. Hold hold hold . It rings that way Capital C. A crest tuning  the fair wind. Winding the wheat the tunnel wheat? We're not sure. The first time on the steps outside the factory at the laboratory of Vincennes migratory workers stage  harder facts to believe. Breasts come longer . Nugatory.  Along the . Along the Along the. A long the . A long the A long the the the . the. the. the    ~  THE

and and
and and it working and compose . Post. Past paste. A thing rung the worked  brass and metal and rough edges . Adze and axe the astral moment of     and she looks good Russian.

 and this way at the outer cusp it's real and the reel to reel thing repeating itself. Over the verdigris tub and                            combines of dumped out shoe like object _ call it a shoe horn, but nothing like a woman with hips moving like an old ringer washing machine~! o BOY that was something getting laid  __ laid? lait? laid as in ugly ___ ON the Bus ------

Franny consoles herself with many velvet workings. Humming to herself the long treatiste of belongings and her becoming the ever-ever wave of love .