Tuesday, May 03, 2011

hey what ho !

She gave her a clothes line in the face, elbow driving  her right into the boards,
an arm shiver, next thing you k now she was tearing it apart on the ground ,
for to tell the heaven. It was darling groundless abyss  becoming and the Dardanelles and the monsters also and the pithy eyed gods the Assyrian mammoooth and Dogone the traitor in blue skinned to the bone
with predator's finer fingers, shackles,  wheels and thought; And not
a secret to him
and the offal the tents

and along the ground river berry
ridges of other nameless ones a soughing on the Volga
the terrible thread of snow coming in

Are mad my Mona kissing her the wind pulling tearing
her buckle made a rise in
a c ross the 
she's a breast of it

now tooting the fortune hot as blazes and
at the other meadow lilac and laburnum?
ushering the dew pressed heather

linen and geese honking along a factory of tents
and the newspaper hearts go to greet the willow
the elm drooped by her page and white flame burnished burning
      crested iridescent at the top of the gage

winning this route we backed out Mona chaired along the backs of things ruins they'd call'd them but seeing as they was looking in their microscopic element they'd found better and more earnest things to plague them bell fragment inclined to doctoral stethoscopes and her rare smile large alfalfa pulsing
in Ireland in Alabama in rose-weed and teak

the fins green a wind a wide a pine
pining in my heart this breathless longing
Mona's fair pine
mercury to the grey misted gleams of glassware

________________ The slim march ~ .