Thursday, April 21, 2011

... mand s

  Commands Monstrous deeds

                                 through the paranoid streams then we . ran. no,  she came , no she ran  ,  came.  she ran   ,   came second   .   Seconded by breath   spilling the invincible infinitive t o its . placid 
    Mona how it hurls the language. No that's rong , it's wrong .

We came by the water, breakers curled up round the raft. Our dashboard. No, it's the mother board. She call it. Who ? Mona calls it pavement blue red green turquoise  green with basalt salts thrown in.

 Over the rain. 
                                 The beggar hock by jowl. Jolly thing... no, it's working it's plague electronic __________Mona shields the past! Zing! Bang! off theshield. Good Jill boxed by her hens and . and the blue ship holding water... hanging at the bay and  it took water all afternoon in the deep spirit of things...

Jill was belonging
                               She was belonging . And far to Ghent she went. Fair to the smooth inn of the potbellied. And over London town haze and glow of twilight and .
Rivers smooth as buttocks. Rustled by gods and their banter. Pah! If the hefty water pushed us  .... that was grain ... and salt along the riverbank  

                                   Rivers swell as riant  rivers do
                    Pushing the nape of things
                                                                             there   ~