Wednesday, May 18, 2011


 Hold your horses ! your skateboards. Moan Mona along the gliding bed of dentata  ~ date entry to middle pleat, the plateau of cake and onions, chance card to the burying song, cart to the amazing summer of sun   ~its ring round Saturn is the pawl of the inward ring the onion ring    ~ Jill hefting the machine gun of her thigh crackling burnished to summer's rent. and the pal went down hence all fortunes are flung to the wind lover's fling as witching brooms     ~  something to raise blue and blue and other blue passage to the winged horses, zebras, centaur to a word 

Jill and her tousled hair double lover to the mix max page jeep and  readies her double lover glitch the campaign arising from   cellar mates kerning and keening    ~. It's an Irish way and its barrowing along country roads and lanes does the trick   ~ triumphant as any Knight her riding boots got pins and rimed tires caps that sparkle in dark after moon showing   ~"
  Jill and her gang haranguing the auguries '  So it is coming to become red to blue green to red scarlet and trampoline 
                                               and all the dark colour between   ~.