Monday, May 23, 2011

Mona's fragment mouth

 Hubub! to her frag mouth/ Piece of/curl to its twinning two chorse, double layer double jinxed lover to her storming. Strongman lover barn to its sail   ~ Not sale's pitch but yeoman to her baker. June's the month of hideyhide and wanktank! War and its zone! a zone,a road, a breach, a rea  ~ you break off the letter mouth, as clutter stumblebum your waking effet feet . Her tits, babble boozle to her hangone look.A nd the woman speaking in the window utterly self possessed yet as any lover she's oozing it . Two to the zigzagger ziggarut  of her time. A puff she's haling  a cigarette a breast the sleeve of her blouse falling down was she seeing Jacky seeing her see?  Possibly meant to see be seen obscene her lover's glad catch. Like simple plays to rut talksthe speech of lover's go.

                       She always hears this. The heartyharhar of goofy men goggles askew on her slanting arse. Ass is what yanks say.. she's a slut to the harpoon dock no matter to her way of thinking. Which is striking to the Penelope aboard, but reeking to the rest of 'em. what she says is this: 
                                                                   Paris or bust! me galore. A gorgeous weed  funky as the cylinder she's hearing . A day a wheat a wrong righted presents no serious addendum to her injury's help. Legitmate receipts wrinkle the nose of would be loving hers as she's abed with Franny's jukebox tune. Smooth as the old plane of consistency itself   ~