Sunday, March 21, 2010

search and rescuse__rescue punk!

ill marries everyone she see. This and that those to wreath. Inside she goes in the ass out in the cunnilingus out.A true homecoming. Shes beaming the whistle and thief. O I you've worn your knees long enough to say tata and bye-bye. On the hilltop . Hyacinth and carmine blazing and her hair was worn long as the sun freighting boxes and cars. Say the river was blushing red . Or something touching on fair grounds and memories. No one has control over it. Only odd god. Fatchance cant recall her name, and Antioedipus wont' come. She's at home as its convenience, and she's dogged by measuring noon, hoverbathed to the ringing along sky. Ski populated slopes and philosophers .

_____________________In the end, a t the second before the first again, everyone but none . No, she showed, her canal and carnal bliss won out. Is that love in a teapot?