Thursday, March 04, 2010


Cued to her belogging She was a navy's bitch! Turnabout and turn again! you fink not the washed flogging or the dialect of chums, but the blonde uniquer and her telling odes. Along the river. Yes, and beside. And over here, by her window figure the finger of rap and the blessed beast of butlers. No one comes along the narrative in this style.She's a guest with two switches off.

_____________________Mona calls staying in the 14th. They meet . And yap for hours agains the river's leaves of grass. No electric stir pot for the broth but a belly filled with buttons and mutton . Fare for two kings! she says deconstricting the phrase. Mona's awesome phrase bending is her pert grace, and shews a necessary hope to changing . Optimum to her four feet.

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