Tuesday, March 02, 2010


She was a messenger of alcohol and tombs. But the recovery rate is higher than the platitudes of make work. She moved out to the far end of the mountain and left to her vices she started a working class machine . Designated a special hole in the wall but not a pink or black one! If lovers have fruit she has fly works to double her time on the highwire act of her becoming.

This way she's a herd of cattle and the bottom of soup becomings rustling out of molecules to water and the H2O ofher self as human shape. This the nerves of gods cannot bear and she choose her state instead of hustle. Histronics and electronics and then the nagging of the clock. Endurance in time is her courage. Much like a wrestler in place of a drunken stumble bum poacher. No pheasant plucking for this girl and her Robin Hood bandoleer.