Tuesday, March 30, 2010

refute to surrender

 Jill exaggerates her homecoming . Whistling in the dark. between her thighs I've cherished my head. Thus Jack and his do-do do you wanna wanna  wanna do love  and its beckon call.   I have always been your eighteenth century lover. Blue dangers don't affright me. I come around your furs a searching man misted by your love. held already by your buckles.

Her red shoes twinkle in the dark. And mounting hopes are spread away. Not tarnished by the glad becoming
of god . And her minions the black lady, really abrown pioneer polished beauty. Calls out her son.
Come ! Commanding him to leave God. The raven caws flutters near momentarily and backs off. THis is the way of thelove. And the ode night and Odin's parler-vous.

Listen live my darling and I will come for you. In darkness and blackness. Loved by your velvet lips. Let my courtship come onto thee let my cry come to you   ~O you backward quoter of the bible book! you think you're David wit h his harps and platoons? This double hind radio will always be your self best making. As love is Christmas and joy Easter.