Thursday, July 14, 2011


 Life itself is a quotation! quotha big Ben. and mister Gumption has tears around the sole of his shoe. both of them, and running along the quais. She's close to nothing showing her heels. To any likely passerby    ~  Buff! my arse Mister Duffy.

         Mona, and Jill, and Franny for that matter, belong here, not there   ~ thee
or nannyonelse knows better. Not what's best, but what's blizzard. To the telling tale. The maniacs know little of nothing any better nor best of anything that ain't nutthin'. Harumph to you too Mister   ~ 
                                      A sore neck does any lover good  ~ 

 From craning her sheets to raking her leaf. And brass holding, and gold verisimilitude, and decisions about the fridge, and life itself is the poem   ~ So hey ho  ~ !
A maniac's a maniac no matter how you square it  .

_________________________Rough round the edge beveled postage   ~.

Beginning comma end  .