Tuesday, July 19, 2011

well henry Miller was dyin'

Please ExPlain_________________________; MilLer is Dying

To explain is to move to remove from the plain, the 'what cannot be seen' making it plain to view. Is that the idear?

here you go__________________;'Dying in your crying ' that part's a quote from D. T ~. (
guess the name you win!) The rest you  just made  up. of less or more bits and crumbles
                          from you and hither.

'the digital voice rethundering the echo thudding across the playing field.s. And the was no poetry in that, that lyric strained rebacked inthe American voice, that is the simple seed of the complex phrenia of her loving, her bodies many one. ' So was she the true creature and not the explanation epilepsy from schook, the epilespy?

But you spelled explanation wrong! there's no plain in explanation. Yet I sounded it true.A s my schizoears herd it.

she's right, he's naked as the day she's borne her true salt waters to fishers.

_____________ Jill always has F ranny's least interests at heart. She's a fish without water  ~  On the plane, she went to the back.  Timbucktoo and became one with her thing-becomings   ~ .