Tuesday, July 19, 2011

.: well henry Miller was dyin'

 Duffy was a girl in her spare time. Not that being spare was any realer than bein' twenty one.

She's doing a novena. Thus her reading book is writing the novation dialectic.

Everything seems to suggest that his discourse proceeds according to a two-term dialectic: popular opinion and its contrary, Doxa and paradox, the stereotype and the novation, fatigue and freshness, relish and disgust: I like/I don't like.:: she heard Roland Barthes say that. She did she did she did! After she wrote a thesis this   If I fuck I want to be wanton and do a swish of quoting: " ... the Text is a little like a score of this new kind: it solicits from the reader a practical collaboration. A great novation this, for who executes the work? " Me and Mona fucking. Later she ran down her skeats in a deadheat and reading thus she climaxed.
Novation comes directly from the Latin word novātiōn which meant "a renewing." Its roots are novāre which means "to renew" and the suffix -ion which denotes an action, as in creation or fusion.

So if Henry Miller was dying June was living in  my thighs, my lesbic lover.