Thursday, September 12, 2013

Hiking skirt tale

barnstorming pilots, circuses, carnivals, preachers, seasons changing, winter, autumn, spring and summer, hill- billyshows, snap dragons, mayflowers, organ grinders, gushing grannies, mocking devil women, hijacked hussies,

___ then emergs being . of the above over nothingness that sung so long it's forgot its name. a bit like the one god history a false

contology!  Mona's remarkable sail boat has kept the curtains growing on that one so long. Curtains! a paper bail over the tabernacle/ Something about paper over the peeper thing. a billgoat tucked away inside....

   Oh yeah, people like keeping their porch doors open in the summer get a breeze till some of them big ass dragon type flies, really dirty looking things, comes along , buzzing and biting.

   heavy nasties/ filthy dirt    ~ smog meat.   death bait.    end of spite world end.