Thursday, August 15, 2013

Poor cochlea my love


Is the elaborate view the view then? along the trade adversity and riding surf? one calling it surf deceives the reader's view a despair at vision wanting the thing to become what it's not

a daredevil deterritorialization!  Huff puff the wing sky  ~ ampersand the whirlinginng frogginging night. Afrayed of sources and ludic pavement   ~ you wish you had that book hooking its gas range to your head now. What exoteric nonsense is that this would range so closely to the crying fire?

-------------- Mona's still as a  pot. Freighted to the one thing needed.A wised-for hope at the breath of . Clop Clop Clop. Is the words runtwogather their knit an weed.A widow's weed persnap?A shelf of booking end(s) and greeters fraudulently harping hair-wringing to the end. O thee of the half -brick moult. Add period comma splice sentence hold off her hold off you holiday you pickaninny swart!~ Its only time and making money hold you back. To bark and back its sliter solemn need. Get closer to that ins(n)ide word.A closer word to heft its bold mop, and morpheme the cement of kenosis a child barren gloom! Loam of the word hair raise your houri for me. A gulp a glimspse genii in a bag.

Jill hanging over climps glimspe  ~ O as a pair of woman's breests! her cleets!