Thursday, May 31, 2012

Mona's motorized ....

Mona's motorized mouth. Moves on the  m the ring tower and gifted gilt. a swart amethyst for the lover's tryst. True to sun and down and beijos to good night lovers. Lute of her swaining night. A swan beckons on the coarse river.  Moon and solo light her lover traffic the cornball field. Her scratchy ass become the drain liquid of death. 

O solomio!  Midden heap and muddied on the trip between love and beauty fat and and skinny__otherwise known as the whited sepulcher of pale groanboners!

Our of the great ass of thighs! A mounting trope a trip for two. Play for the king and checkmate the queen. The people of London roar as Dublin hope soars.A strange violin  ties her to the earth. Not a mad feminist doctrine but the true of liberty flibertygibbety!

  The axle jamming, mud flung in the air, over the pretensions ass of an accent all rolled the mouth a kid makes her sick . Of the vine that tortures truth. A buxom maid for two and ten. A bully bearing down her grief. Not her teeth, and the rilled silence of deaf. O those pathetic accents, the pretenders of the transatlantic! how nauseating they are! Her vertigo spins at the sound. Her sex dont aroused at this primeval meat. And boredom of the rich . Eating class. The stain of weeds and lie.

Jill: It aint their fault honee! tHEY aint choosing their class are they. Nope they sure is. Each and everyday. Getting glassier and glassier . An idiot speaking a tongue. Sending her letters of renewal . Across the vengeance camp . Aide de camp! A bivouac for the old boots! to hell with the old hag! damn them. O their sex leaps up in class renewal, the little bastards.

Who is this god, Mona? Who is this boogie god capital. And when's the social achieved its socialist guise. Not the  bastard mouth full of accent the rolling Rsss of the spoiled brats. Kick their arse, out with their erections the littlte pretenders!

___ No no this is not the way. of the compassion. of the buddha best breast throng. or the ancient leaning hotel. and her kerchief nerve Over the relay system of a thousand bickering buckets. and the polace are very ahnice as the niche of kitchen thieves are and is. A true ice man.

So Mona's kitchen is Jill's field result and . Franny's ambulance in the field. If they are not philosophers what can you expect conceiving the nothing that is?

Getting classier and classier. O yes. The clop and clone of the river midriff. who's gonna twang that trash?

O her body stout  as   ~.

O her body selfcontained as ~. and yes and that says some . this clairspeaking song.