Saturday, May 05, 2012


it's yer thingamajig is it knot? a knowing to  bear fruit to the second class. of citizens and their grape. gripe to moon its awesome bearing.   nary a word sent. this painful pile.

how long did  she take you to write that?

   _____________________Mona, it' a magus. Tearing her crown dental floors to the temple. Of her brading. As when a writer stopping for single days reminds her. That whence the lord has seen has buttoned her nave and worn  doffed hats long enuff the  blind man and his sudden. Only safety with a blind. A blonde to parry your blows. Life's blows kick hard back . No, that's a cliquechez!

a proverbial worn off by the drouth of racketting and thugmuggery.

But Fanny's entering the monkey phase of silence and sex after dinner. not before pride but after its bypass operation.

_____________Only the nuts and weirdos can't handle type.

Pound that keyboard, Henry.