Wednesday, July 22, 2009

does have to do

Franny fiddles. Not a violin or string of long rope. bu t a dare over the sun. its raising tune to thunder all day. her sleep is mess to pottage the running weir If large was big she'd be normal but she's Wilde to her Oscar love speaking its game. Or was that. Or come again. dear sirlet to remus as his rome.
The scale of things is approximate she's escaped her prone. For every furrow'd fare she's come undone to spare her looking home. what fare does it make to cover home? does she bear its tuning sheep? How does a burrow cover its narrow presage,its marrow to the bone.
If the radio's on she's shocked. Not holding with contractions or their predecessors, this manner gives her _______ . Shes shocked "in other words" as like "any maiden aunt" tired of the bills of the hospital, she's pioneering her clinique d'archéologie. It must be wrenched from the matter of thing and being. Not ruched her skirt is tail bone to her shimmy shimmy shake. She likes her women this way. Suffered by love's little paradox bone.

Jack-arsed she doesnt move. Rings the bell. Velvet plush curtain. The stairwell covreed in hollies.

_before fig the wash of air over the stellar street. she's bared boned to the cape. its a strange astrology that allows this name.

Around the diction of her clutter. Its like this. Coming round the hedge poplars. Willows perhaps, then once the elm. Has masked its tame name. she's no place for the plethora abounding in her . A suit fits her rhinestone fine. What cunning fennel is this in the seed of the ?

So, then wheat, barley, bran, corn. Threshing fields. Soaked with the stunk with the ~

The mouth a lavender sink of

Jill's minding her own business. Shes garnered geese and mice. That way language works. Shes got golphers and tails. Not of mice but of reeking fish. Say, catfish, not barracuda.

Over the Zulu hundreds of warriors gather. For the plain, for the battle.

The room is set.