Friday, July 25, 2008


O'er these hills Jill has seen. What silence greets her! hip hip hooray! she has power in her kneecaps, As any Greek heroine she's hubby to her hubcap hussiness. Not winned by her wine, but sovereign to her ink.

Will she fiddle a country in her smoothing, soothing, backbone break?

Jill has a hand down her back the hand ass of any lover. Doing the dime on any routine she's kept her mistress on subway passages. A passing thing, it's nymph to her gardened heel.

THis way she knows bussing is best for blessing. Hooking on alliterative stamp on another. Hooked to her fair pence, love's sudsy duddsy in her monkey bast.

This i s no votive candle but best to her breast.

On this plateau there's no calender not even hypertext has she hounded the setting suns, faltered to her ass staring at the darker copper darkered coloured girl.