Thursday, July 17, 2008

Mother born after reeling backwards children

From: Orpheus
Monsieur Malliez now perhaps you are understanding a little about
fiction as in fiction time goes backwards and reels! as you say... I am
the mother Born after her children...

Best living unborn loving wishes... Clifford Duffy who is a
fictional image figure..

On Plateau 16 1899, Malliez wrote:
that in
> Plateau 6 Orpheus said:
> > Further more since these characters were born in 1897 in the
> > spring they are not even 200 years old yet! So you do not have the
> > permission or the authority to write a biographeme of them yet!! I am
> > their mother! I forbid this!!
> >
> > best wishes, their mother.
> >
> > CLifford Duffy
> That's odd, because, as far as I know, you, Clifford Duffy, are less than
> two months old! The mother is younger than the children!! The mind
> reels!!!
> Malliez

In t he ending Malliez and Orpheus kipped making up doublebecoming of their sward selving.

Kissmiss to them ~ ,.