Saturday, September 16, 2006

what shall it spend?

what shall it spend, seeking years? or weighed hour peaking its fostered tears, coming by the pity and terror her buttocks uprised like the youth that was her smile. She says to her other self body man come inside this anus ride in there-here where presence is absence hang gloved emptyness, not the map of what is a crying fortress helicopters banging down onthe heads of ladies in tents, their cries wont hear this, contracted forest of what she ignored in him. How could she speak to this,threshold on its edging night edifying the peeling prayer of its barebacked lent. The florence is packed with widow and flood, washed away by the vulnerable second of nature's mash war's kicking down smash or. No, hold its word. Spent. Nottosay its care was, easly the door walked off. Saunter to death. Of what is keen and bickered over by the war mind shoving its give me a room plate. I am sheesh to your pair. Eyed buttocks saraband the incapable mean marched past her eyes alluded narrate, carrot of morself, aphasic touch gasped ago gone fast, investigating moorings undone torn polish from scuffed yer genitals . Whoa. Whoa. Horsey this cape wont journey its name over other feathers, or wear your skirt, yer mast stick high girl to your boy dress, its void void mothering its merry miracle this lasso and shackle.