Sunday, September 17, 2006

marched the overhead

Marched the overhead glimpse of fictions. her playa and beat manacled by hour prayer and fish. friday the keel washed or rushed over its bent over dory frayed in the twisted whacking sheet of water. Not a wart on her visage but a face glimpsing its past swifted by shallow waters upended in the never returns ikon, in the repeating repeating medium her hour and day her hour and day bending the back benison of boom Boom Boom. I sat watching the body curl back, body-without-organs O her lover, succubii to his outcubii her bitexting strong breeze to his siege. Is that a social worker, Jill? or the negative span of the forward march, call dhow down river call forwarding to her sleeve up the voice of her cupping and race. Her lover kiss by mouth of sound over the travailed wave, forged sound to his mouth to mouth south to sucking north to their melted. Hmm he say, come to this cocksman his existential memory hip to your again memory recall Oh lover , lover.