Friday, July 24, 2015

Mind a word


 Mind a  word says Mona thinking back to Joanah! the whale, the fire, and fortification wall. Surround  her she was incarnate to the buckling wall (forgetting a fish )of king and farding forward marching ... sowing word hoping along the sword call?

She's meckle proofed (and mickle  to her largesse) and turved with ahhence nouncements going on. And five hundred bucks out of the peak.

JIll recalling threshold and bold she's worked the skin or the,  no the top end of the body and its reaching out past hill and dale.

   what bog would walk this?

Ireland? it seven seas and traitorous accents? its brogue of long bonged bing!

What seem of great king nor queen at their hall Tara and

the lord's mother herself was shamed with the speaking of her her bootless buttless thigh and cry to heaven hard of hearing!

What ? then what and then we turn to its sweet poultered begin.

-------------  No repession where none begun. Bin! Din! 
                                                                                             renounce of pen