Tuesday, April 02, 2013

reversal chaos of love



    Mona'n Jill gunmetal studs-seafoam vest  display the breasts of  yessir les best des conitions as the will making whacky the loving body-- its a q uantum of daynight mo uth longi ng to the pot of death lets escape this language  I love with a impossible thing

                     her mouth's a catching prick


                                                                                       those thighs  and

  the buttocks be i d that they te dered made her twisting torque (an painful even at the knowing watch)



           bankrupt   the body is  painful                                           (at its rugged love cost)

                                                                                       and  a chide

                     a aw wf ul voice jabbering i to the tin box  ('cell')

                                          with the bod y of her  love

                                                                           an   i forgot 

 but the  orbs turning to    to' me' turretheadme ~ of the black of the sandy coast taste her eyes