Sunday, March 03, 2013

in cave

---- Now Mona's met Jack the back not the hegel the bagel and  the Comminist Princess  ~ but they wont let her work the dioceces dildo  corny stories abound false memories of the sentimentalizing machine repacking you back baked goods   
they were doing it  
   they were 
       i n  the cave
            in  the cave with the water splashing all around they were doin it doggystyle a centuaur horse
on the run but now shes a  hard ass hooker for the territory king capital

suckered her deaths inta image image now she fucks with  a god capital ruins

shes godzilla not giraffe of rain an' joy
  O come get out of there get outta here with yer copping out corpse corporate   running  panhandle paranoia

--------------------- Now does Jill see MissHegel's handy dialiectic? no matter her hair's parted down the middle its game  time at the 7pm getup . Her mirror's a box of selves.

   Now Mona's not a jackboot, but it'd be better if Jacky came to see her. Out of her veils of mourning and the capitalist float signifying . Out of the capitalist veil.

  Dont steal these words.