Friday, October 05, 2012


 legs     ..                     covered   .             cobbed  ..             cobwebbed .

                 legs covered web

         legs covered

                          covering legged cobweb
                     cobwebbed legs covering 

 whose legs were covered in piss
                                                                     piss not peeve

          Those dry skin
                           potato peel spaghetti pale skin
                                                cross eyed leaning into his Ear
                         can i tell you a joke
                                                                    hand jerking jerked him 
  her hand reached into his short pants on the swing 
                                                                                she whispered a joke into his ear
             on the swing Sunday afternoon
                                                                    Linda the cross eyed  'Olive oil'  you could say
she was between Vincennes and the other 

travels abroard


  they're horse flies not dragon!