Wednesday, January 11, 2012

you and.: Mona around her hair

As for the font, ahem well Jill has a thing for the doublfont of the comic versus the roman tie of the times imperial power design. who says uniformity in a page is design to god-- the oddball plane and surface of her sharing.

Is there no knight like yours? as leaning into her lips she's every merry thing a mersey beat . Puffing her lonesome.

Mona around her hair

                  and here ? Yes, here too her hair of summons and groan.

_______________________ Over the crest around the plateau a starry-eyed stony creek bed, a brook chunked out on the wing of starting and finishing. A star.

___________________________- Jill: are you intolerant of farforeign tongues. None of they is in my heart and my youknow what.