Tuesday, February 08, 2011


we cld. get dirty here pretending.  pretend it's a prose poem of ruinous proportions and we fucked all night . as i came in your  _- over the the    while rambling around  Amsterdam Belgium France and other European capitals of pain

justify columns your ass was straight but not a heart but heart shaped asthe hatred the envy of woman the envy of woman her breathless admiration and hate of others the ones ready to overthrow empires for a look and the cool? collective unconscious of snakes fuck you mister nazi jung its a place where people work all day hot assed to the rhythms of terror

Jill knows better __ whores are looters. Lotteries are not lovers, the pale wench wrench's denial of love'sbeauty.   Cuttin her hair in her case makes no difference,she's a s sick as ever. As were the moles.---------------------->

Mona cuts along the friendly loop devoicing the invoiced anorexia of this pace. reprove and return to love's ode, no rancour O lover flower    ~