Friday, October 22, 2010


 Jill owns a hotdog stand and her in 'better' moments she's a raven between. Like what? O simile of solitude and disaster given the old crone wont'g o for the triune sake her dromedary and double armed love.

If she loved him she'd. And if she did he 'd . and then she'd and there'd be . Peace . Or pisces on 'earth' the shadow monger of the moon   ~.

and no poet speaks about philocophy the way you does _________________Photocopy!

Meet me toonight doublearmed we'll have sparse fields to wonder your four breasted . And the canopy of love. and its only desiring.

In Berlin the gypsies and bisexual woman roped down the    ~ thing desisted of her desiring arms,
and boxes   ~.