Saturday, September 18, 2010


 JIll revokes the Edict of Nantes. Naamaan shall walk the land: burning the forest borne. She hard heard the tune pikced trollope:_____________ Jill says this: the first time I was an ingot was . yes and before that embryo came along the cover of desposit, and bearing the slip of friend's cold ignore.she baited the bear rambunctious as any Roman . she by the sidereal waters a lover allusive to aloof punching bag. Sherlock to her Dickens and hope to her muck racking swine

then holding her breath she pulverized the moment. A minute to late and the leafs fell, the Nazarene gadarene  headed down. Haddock to their refined lisp.

not particularly queer but not especially jocular either Salvation Army Captain's wife. O the angelus was 

and then she said when two vowels go walking the first does the talking. She was the word blessed word caught by her feet in the hemming grown. Knowing she was wrong only made her guiltier thinking she knew .  Have you battled any monsters lately ? What toothless gummy bitches were they rubbing their raw claws and hagasses on public transit.

In Transist she felt the merry drouth_ (Franny: transist is the transvers _al of transferenceinference). Tell you where to put a . 

A real alcoholic would storm the temple .   Not some lazy transcendence asphysiated on the earth's gravitational pull. All those backward bastards and their resentment. The earth is great ! indeed! its the pisspot of the universe!  But immanence, the character (the charter) was running wild or leaking quick, or pushing hills in the spaces of the outer relations between earth and its butt walkers. It's something like that. And narrative too.

So the simple thing is give rashly and blindly, the   chain flying  . and their friends the editors of . city desks . o yes. O yea. keep the signifier goin' what you reap and sow  ~  Snow  ~ .

if she's got an ass it's to give to him _ his ass to hers is a double portioned blink on the spine of proportion.