Monday, August 23, 2010


____________S end this back right away. Mona's in trouble in the 'deep set' woods. Her set piece is a negative geology. And she 's cocooned to her show.

Mona__shiver me tulips! Bending along the lover's bed _-smooth across the vertical horizontal ~ Wont these airs grace her snog___
snogging of the old woods! Belonging to every charm, she's bettered her pelf wrong and right, bearing her strait carry. Should a friend die she's always there to lift his spirit. Pile a pillow, finger a rainbow, proffer a cuppa.... Drag those green bags to the spirit world. Heft them shoulder boulders to the left bank. Off you go then! in the hand of the greater power ~ .

Since she's given her ball to the magic loom it's pearl sweet on her fair .

Jill hays the day . Marries the sheaf its becoming rose cool colored buttocks ~ and her sex to his ~ up as a trumpet . ~