Sunday, May 24, 2009

So (w) Mona

So Mona, indeed. Sow Mona her ancient reaped field. Fulled up with plenty. Of buxomous thing. Or mouth clapping sideway her Jilly come hammer rared to its fortune blocker.

Mona called in the troops.

She put a word in ~ .

Jill joined the troops.

Franny hankered after troupes. of Folly dolling.
What pilloried mist is it?

Is she heaven content to her
little finger

Will its voluntaristic page
shape memory's design?

Illuminated manuscripts hide the

given from the latent
allowing its potent praise miracles.

She 's mighty not gone or forgot
Nor forsake to her

misere en scene
add them

accents hipping her beauty like never
seen previous three a week
her nerves clad tell her


In word
and deed ~ .

The markers ringthe tune ~ .