Friday, April 24, 2009

mother bearing without a sans daughter

__________________________ In this plateau the repetition of different reckonings returns. as the depressed melancholia of a moment's meditory second. Le seconde in commande I Pierre Felix Guattario having reterritorialized my conservative alibis serve you up the remainder.

Yikes and Mona had a pony tail not a pointy tail like the Beelzebub hisself!
Who cares ?? what the campy followers of D and Guattari thought??
And who says, there is a Freud, beyond yer own excessively textualized reading of him. "said Jill, and walked off into the sunset of self-referential excess . Weary she undid her quote." Then Jill climbed to the top of Guattari and Deleuze and said : BEhold Poop On Freud. And she read: In A/O Freud the Henry Adam of psychoanalysis. And then she thought hasnt anyone ever read the Hamlet letters? or thought about the grass, and China. And she was sick to death unto "despair" and closed the book. Oh she breathed better then.

Yikes and Yokes said Jill and phone Mona on her desiring telephone
and they had -.
Okay. We're here at last, with no face and no preface either!


Signed the little brithers &n sasters of deleuze et guattari .
May mais c'est n'est pas vrai!