Friday, November 16, 2007

at that gleam

at that ten. tine of wolf. bark of its wolf. not fared to the wold. of wood . and go. and how many then. how many. then. its assiduous baker'll know the wound. shape of her ass. roun the moon. roun the coon. coffee hoyden room. not saleable the linking barker of tune.zzzzzz. seize her teeth. auralo out to here. out there you mean? yes.he mean. she wink the walk in marche Jean-Talon. aurelo mouth out to tongue. the weeping avenue. of belvedere and other mocker . not the second theologian. but a casket of theologians and Christoper Columbus's


                           Mona: is this a meaningful document what is the sense of its desperate cry ? its 

  Mona is not shaking her head wondering at censorship the difference between repression the forgetting that knows not its own game . A gamin to see its scene .