Friday, October 03, 2008

re:Mona GallOpspart 2

_________________________ Once Mona wrote this she knew she was that. Nota shrew on the moon. Or an ass onthe calendear, but a geology of humbler tumbly down. Alonghe face of rarity her river was a climber. Along the lofting peaks of Jill Deleuzy and Fanny Fransome Guattarinee.

Re: Mona Gallops Oh --- baby you are a marvel becoming. Woweezow. You move my belly again. I felt thrill of happpiness when i see the Other readers and their pleasures, I am so happy for you and for them and of course because sometimes mona lives in my light terminal for me. I skim new mona gallop and she's splendid and i always love franny so much but I have to print those girlys out later and read again. Funny yesterday in class i said God is always Dying, which was of course one of the many orphic statements that flew out the window over their heads, and so of course the author is always dying in the becoming. You're beautiful and so full of love and your blessing of me makes me glow. I have to write you more later you amazing writer poet man maybe much later as I have such a busy day. Thank you again for all the ranging and ringing conversation yesterday. Leave no sense unturned was their motto.