Thursday, November 14, 2013

Rang night knight

Sirra sort you know, Mona hence she's thitther to it.
Love's bowry! O the nights in New York with Edna-
Vincent bowing at the alt
ered ego of the rushing god and the heaving leg limbering the occassioned ruffle

knight of
her three plus

Love's three its dowry sort that you chider winked on the dumb speed its prettiest


Jill's aloof in the silhouette of the day rolling over thunder-clapping its' holding past

tense to exhume her gallow gaping. her heel uplifting in the diving down. Come over
mouth move your cogitation first , hefted by heel and kneel.

Franny's kinder is a divine paragraph!not verse but a chunk of lake then wheat.
Or a worthy slender witching broom.

A writer like you has no time for its tiny. O the tousle. yes, a thousand  things

between and the among. Above its raving . And her the old cow ruminated. and the

other one gabbered in the .One pc hand shaking-the turve or the other was that the word escaping? Mister Chaos? Hither and thither swan

leck, saw leg! swan beck! beckoned by the second.

Decks a dog better than this forward pass. In my own city, the pity! Cries O

O knolly.