Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Since the world became it began a rudder too grow its awful spout. Roughed by the pullulation of the grimy thing. In itself it was nothing  yet ~  it whispered. Hinges of tales and what not  .  Tala tala a waking call to beckon bridges. At the half self ridge as things reunite climbing the far ladder ~ .

Every young animal knows the difference shifted between things and plus signs. Working backward she crunched  crossing the smallest thing. Ringed by the toward motion toboggan and left handed steerin'. Vessel of thing and that its ring around . Not a cumbersome phase, but the dispositif and the disproportionate thing holding it together. Not the thing beside itself but the other one rung along the tide tacking with its boat, and pleasure craft ~ .

So Mona. So Mona geled t h e thing coming between all united things ~ Blessing her heavenward cleave ~. to