Sunday, December 19, 2010


Jill 's summer __ "you're a cheap date"   or "tawdry partner" __________________________________MOna's undanceable bane withered  the hour guarded by  sunset"

_After the fracture " wrapped by the quota"

Mona's memory stock " buried by the boondocks"

A second rate resenter zippered  whizzed by prose knackered cherry-trees.
  Franny hands the 

 sunset galloped living room with no itinerant intent to cleave
(Something to do with ecosOPhs Metroplitan swings and the voice she does:MEGAPHONE

She's held  breezy tunes

 ____________IF you walk to her intensities its hefty____________muddy a scapegrace?
She's in Greece holding the darling socks before her every daily geese

she wore the head backwards
carried plate to supper

reeled by Platonic grayhair
her romantic Socratic father did no ill
bearing no bode
to blossom

'her misunderstaning'

Jill withholds
her deterritorialized

carefully ~