Saturday, December 12, 2009

read glance

From a reeding glance romance tothe star/t an dthe tattling consonant.Spires paraded past the .

Mona cant see with her stop glaasses. Shes's looking for a job hooker with a past career, others have it up the ass. She dididididid. that one, blonde from Europe./her blonde anality was how Mona ordered it up. Mother with an ass, and nowwhere to go. Come along sister geology is this how you see things: a shadow at the lawn,a permanent treasure to mark the incoming snow. Or the landing with the togas on it and and the mantle clad lover masturbating furiously as her night'll let here. a writer's life is a whore. a hove, a novel baiting her prayer. COme again! you off to the gulag!