Tuesday, December 08, 2009


One was two leveled between the heterosexual chain and homosexual .. the face spinning this and that and her mouth kissed the other grabbing its temerity with all of her might....

clocking was the easy way out cloaca to cloaking some odd and uneasy morphematic semblance? its a pitched dark thing brown as the egg. what as

__ the asshole've ruined G.
No way.
Yes way
Non, come to my kitchen. Take off your kick ass shoes peel off yer ass, come to my kitchen of ... genitals and peep... something close to the endless infinite debt of piss....

Fuck those flowers! they're made of mud! of shit and lime! the gush goo of sentiment of the hoariest gaudy sort the shite of capitalism!mud fucks and rugrots ...

I dont know what she's all about ...

sort of asshole divinity school

where the whores take ph.d's in mechanics and round table discussion..s

all things are unequal and a fair whore comes to your table door... bearing shit and plates of grape fucked around the plinths an European calenders of death

_________________ Jill comes from the lecture: greek tragedy and families
blood blood and more blood
________________________S' blood _____________________________________