Saturday, April 11, 2015

Gonna grab

____________ Mona's gonna grab the black moon & yank it from the sky!

 _________________________ Bim bang she's got truckin on her mind. She's bouncing 'round the halls . Of gog and givinity!

__________________________Hog yr gravity she says!


No one's ....

  No one's ever given up on you fictions the way you pay the ever sending size and the things that're missing or amusing . As the case might be  :  a  case of this that and the other thought winding down as it calls then  trail out Mona holding back her sheet for the the slip of a whip the blanket of night... .

             Jill stoppers up that cap knowing the water's brilliant. as the bright blue sea and its infinite cliché but at least breaking up from the first person's the beginning of liberty.

                          After all! it's how it began. to see what can See!

____________  Bapbap! Boomboom! beep! is that something like that?


Wednesday, March 18, 2015


Jill has a  crow but it's not dead. The sea is high as the wind clutter and the rail tussled up against the factotum of weights and the red plight of the scar   .... Jill's won her red as long as long as she remembers the thrust of freight
   and the tiller boring the straight sea ... there's no one here in  the tail of the barracuda thundering does it thunder she's asking
  but her heart beat  wondering at the awkward glance of the geese the queer walk of the gull over an ice piece-meal in the winter's almost ending .

           Something like that anyhow! colis!detabernacle!  Franny'd never wonder she'd moved it along like an old poor or something 
  like a ringbaily simile circus
   Franny wouldn't worry . She'd buck it along like any two cent novel.

    Wouldn't' she


Monday, November 24, 2014

.. is pressing


Jill is pressing has sheep for clothing esp. as it comes around to disguising the vessel of a  night. Long time past and hurried forward a harbinger of its daring. She hushed its knockabout. She's going to come back later. Come back. Later. Later come back . Going to . She's going to. She hushed she hushed she hushed . a hard working door. pressed her lavender heart   

                       Jill made her mighty . Mona's got feet like geese that free her of the ridge of sentenced poise.

As she wing(s) down the upbringing of her fervent. No, it's the one clandestine portal remaining to her left in the bigamous world of the three-backed beast. Jenny and Jill Franny and Mona every artistocrat knowing this bending and switch.

                          Mona has a baby bitterness cancer and ugly her face she threw her out of court. Chucked her the odd-ball eternity.

Luxurious like any bathing wind.


Tuesday, November 18, 2014



 Franny sur le trottoir.   Nuages, étoiles, nuit, c'est la clarté des ombres et non pas les amants avec leur passion leur érotisme et l'ennui. C'est le nuage des envers les sols les étincelles.

On pense à ceux qui sont la, dans le perd et le pardon qui ne passerait pas. A chaque choix la voix. 

Et c'est comme ça pour les autres et autres . Les vers, les genoux.

   Quelle étrange pense  Mona dits a elle même pour un monsieur comme toi. On parle, et tu parle dans un voix qui est  mystérieux et la même temps  muet.
 Comme si des voyelles s'en fuit devant toi.

___ Mona has her homework cut out for her if she thinks Franny's reading Gerriga.


Friday, October 03, 2014

Jill's remainder _ 2nd


Maybe she 's still not working there...Jill's still not working there/ Mona's moved space to get there. And there's nearer to the grammatical touchdown 'down there' at where and when  whence.A  dense machine of threshing pause?

to beck/ crack/ reek the tomb/rhomboid its apparent stupid? no, suble strata

Repetitions her favoried possessing. at ask round the gliding rich vow. Not a somber cursor nor a winking eye trundling nor turning the oats.

or the pretences of taunt
                                                    a greek smile deceived none      ~

!O Mona's ass has font crumbling birds


Sunday, July 28, 2013


 --- to start at the end of the midst it's best service thataway! dig it pad over the heels of the forsooken Knight.

if Jill knew the gig was up, she upped the ante-chamber split the sentence in four , she perfumed the road, moving aside the bustling vehicles traveling up her side .  Her head's  a tweak for sunsets and abodes, there's no point shining as no one's home    !

  Continue   the sage saga anon as she's got a family kitchen to tarry her ills. A tare's worth of smidgen on the bilious hope of renewal! what bollocks of blunder is a family . A subconscious fair me drawl

A pink ruffle in the night's word.


Tuesday, June 25, 2013


                 Gussied up the little tart became widow. Window as in this glass she's aperture to her sage. Cracker. and merger to the twotimbucktoo and her boyish love grown long as her near sighted fish. Of my fish and lev of level mergent to the sobbing mettlesome crew of the crunched up fece.. we're not hurried by resentful reintroducing gods. A reign is a .  Well, she's hold forth back to her toothsome buck! There's nothing softer to the eye than this nervous tick. A steam engine rolling was pinks to the dawn.A shit hinkied up the russianmoth pelted its wing, and cambering along a road, a white blue and lavender, no a maroon truck was it she say? Or is that cambric round, wreathing her lace neck? Leman, leman of that brook.

Come to the weird soviettopple of your red wall and crest the curtain. She's hegel to her whithershin spooning the supply glide of anno domnini and round cradle boxes, and cardinal numbers too.

  Jack calls me to. Jacky calling call Jacky cackle hacle your misted breasts. She's Mona's boat and Fanny's got it curtain to the final ending! consumatum est a pink steward for each particular unfair dawn. of its practice.

   Mona bowing her out,  Oona entering the shell, its long beach hence. However the gnostic truth the gnostic troop believes other than wise.

  Oona come here. Mona go out .


                                                                          Mona took the carrot juice.    Not a hegel salve at all. Nor the fostering north zephyr.


Wednesday, May 08, 2013

so they


shoveled high

a high one

branded the hope

bust the bane

ran the turnpike kept clearing the teapot coping with the mechanisms of fruit and fame. a line of move/.turn

 about /a line of run

                         a line of slip

   a  line of hold to the

   veerring to the left / 
                   hanging to the right/ port that's port and Jill's on her way back to Paris and surface empiricism a strange puzzle of snythetic junctions

 r inging the bell

               O swell unity of trumpet

Between the whole's nontotalizable love and the rest of bucket we're rigging a sun, a parlour  a suburban lilt loving the night




Wednesday, April 03, 2013

reversal chaos of love



    Mona'n Jill gunmetal studs-seafoam vest  display the breasts of  yessir les best des conitions as the will making whacky the loving body-- its a q uantum of daynight mo uth longi ng to the pot of death lets escape this language  I love with a impossible thing

                     her mouth's a catching prick


                                                                                       those thighs  and

  the buttocks be i d that they te dered made her twisting torque (an painful even at the knowing watch)



           bankrupt   the body is  painful                                           (at its rugged love cost)

                                                                                       and  a chide

                     a aw wf ul voice jabbering i to the tin box  ('cell')

                                          with the bod y of her  love

                                                                           an   i forgot 

 but the  orbs turning to    to' me' turretheadme ~ of the black of the sandy coast taste her eyes